Top 5 Battlefield Friends Video Episodes


Battlefield friends is an interesting animated comedy series that follows a sacred gameplay formula. The series is fun, exciting, refreshing and has a modern touch to it.

As much as every episode in this series is impressive, there are some which truly stood out for fans. These have been tagged the best episodes in the entire series. They Include:

1. Colonel 100 ( Season 1, Episode 13 Season Finale)

Fans say Colonel 100 , who is one of the main characters in this episode, pretty much reminds them of Chuck Norris, as he really spiced up this episode.

2. Close Quarters ( Season 3, Episode 11)

The Noob won the hearts of fans as he transcended all the negatives around him and fully embraced the role the game designers had cut out for him.

3. USAS 12 + Frags (Season 1, Episode 3)

In this episode, the series takes things to a whole new level by providing the opportunity to disable the galaxy and take out the sun. Additionally, the characters involved play unique and remarkable roles.

4. Slams (Season 4, Ep 11)

The lines used in Slams are quite hilarious and unforgettable.

5. Little Bird Battle (Season 3, Episode 8)

According to fans, most of the episodes in which colonel 100 is included are usually captivating- this being one of them. Here, the colonel fully projects his personality which they love – a bad ass.

The above episodes have received numerous compliments following their storylines, characters and also great sense of humor. They most definitely deserve a spot among the top 5 video episodes to watch in BattleField Friends.