Battlefield 1 is a game that’ll keep you playing for hours. Its available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Microsoft. Believe you’ll want to but this game by the time you finish reading this.Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth instalment in the Battlefield series, and the first main entry in the series since Battlefield 4.

Assault class

Their fundamental weapon is either a Shotgun, or a Submachine gun. These are the only class who can select from a variation of high explosives, made to destroy vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The Assault can use pistols, grenades, other gadgets, and their melee. There are 47 weapons in total for Assault.

Medic class.

These are the people who keep their fellow soldiers alive. They make sure everybody is healthy and up and running. Of course, you can tell by the name. The medic use a rifle, and have 50 weapons to use.

Support Class

Is densely geared. They are made to encourage the team to keep going. They can give ammo to allies, and can fix damaged vehicles. They also have 50 weapons to use.

Scout class

They are in the back of the battlefield, taking down targets with their high powered rifles.Also they are equipped with many traps. This is the only class to have specialty bullets. The Scout have 54 weapons in total.

Pilot & Tanker Classes

Only available if you choose to spawn inside an Airplane or Tank. These classes are usually short range focused.They only have 12 weapons, not much at all.The Cavalry class is only available if you decide to get on a horse. Therefore, they are the only class that are allowed to wield a sword in the game. This class doesn’t have many weapons either. They only have 6, half of the Pilot & Tanker Classes.

Now we talk about the Elite Classes. There are 3 elite classes. They are special pick-ups you can find while you scope the map.They get increased health, defense and a custom weapon that’s only available to that class. The Sentry class is one of the Elite Classes that focus on heavy armor, big guns, and slow movement. The Tank Buster is next. This class is a more specially designed version of the Scout Class. Tank Busters use Tankgewehr M1918 that fires custom, high explosive rounds.They are a one hit kill against infantry and will deal massive amounts of damage to vehicles, often times enough to outright destroy most light vehicles. At last, are the Flame Troopers. Their weapon are flamethrowers.It’s a short range weapon that can essentially one hit kill anyone unlucky enough to be caught in it’s flame. Feeling the need to play this? I definitely am!

Lastly, let’s discuss the vehicles. First, the planes. There are three the Attack Plane, Bomber, and Fighter. My favorite is the Attack Plane, because the pilot who controls flight, forward guns and bombs, while the second person is a rear facing gunner. There is a lot of multi-tasking. Then are the tanks. The Heavy Tank, Light Tank, and Landship. Lastly, there are trucks, and other miscellaneous vehicles like the horse. Also the Behemoth. The Behemoth is a giant, flying airship. It’s very heavily armed, and spawns rarely on only specific maps. It can crew several people, each gaining access to a dedicated gun emplacement. Behemoths can withstand a lot of damage, but once destroyed they come crashing to the ground below, killing anything in a giant, fiery explosion.

To conclude, If you are not feeling the need to play this ASAP then something’s wrong. I suggest you go to your nearest Target, or Best Buy to pick it up.

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